Industriromantik produced feature clips in two conceptual scenarios – aiming to highlight Auto Braking, Electrical Belt Retraction and a Spine Protecting Element within the driver’s Seat for the All New XC90.

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I started working on this project in it's conceptual stage. We presented a couple of concepts before this concept and look was chosen. We couldn't show the actual car since this was before the launch which made several ideas feel strange. But being all about safety we thought it worked out pretty well.

I didn't follow this project all the way to the end. Worked with the editing, animation, lighting and shading. I then left of before the final touches where done. So all the rendering and compositing I left to my coworkers at Industriromantik. I spent my next couple of weeks taking care of my newborn. 

Production –Industriromantik
Art Direction – Michael Stooss @ A+A Communication  
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