This is the second, out of three concept car realeases from Volvo, based on the brand new SPA platform.
And the second launch film produced by Edithouse.
For this project we wanted to take it to the next level so we invited Chaos Group to kickstart the project. A couple of great learning days and of to create our best.
One interior scene and two exterior once. I worked on the mountain road and the interior. First of, the shading of the car. That should match the real thing (that hasn't been built yet). I got some samples from Volvo and some of there inspiration to guide me through the process.
The rock formations of the mountain road were created with the help of Daniel Jonason, a freelancer, who took a lot of photos and then generated a fully textured 3D model out of those photos with normal maps and vector displacement. Resulting in a quite realistic rock texture.
The idea of the film were "frozen moments". This was a great way to both show of the cars design and capability at the same time. So each scene had to have some dramatic feature. A water fall and a bridge to cross for the first shot. For the second shot, driving through a creek on a forest road.
And for the interior shot we had a fireplace to illustrate the frozen moment. And some snowflakes that stood still in the air outside.
We used Maya with Vray and Nuke through out the process with some exceptions with Cinema 4D animatics and snow effects.
Produced by Edithouse Film Works in november/december 2013 for Volvo Cars.
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