We, Edithouse, did this film for Skanska who wanted a film to celebrate Skanskas 125:th anniversary.
Read more about the production at edithouse.seand watch it at skanska.com
I was asked to do the scene were the camera should fly out through the window of the Empire State building. This scene had to be believable and realistic. But thanks to the fast camera movement in the beginning I didn’t had to spend that much time on highres modeling of the window. I could keep it fairly simple.
The crew took a lot of photos from other buildings facing the Empire State. I used these as textures on a model of New York we bought. But these textures weren’t highres enough for the closeup so I had to combine other textures and generated 3d textures. It was a bit tricky getting the camera move just right. The blend between the tracked camera to the big fly out was the hardest part.
I used Modo 601 for this job and After Effects for compositing.
Production Company: Edithouse Film Works
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Client: Skanska
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