Then it was time again for the Paris motorshow. At Edithouse we produced graphics for the Volvo cars showroom. We made a Teaser, Loop and Countdown. The Teaser is to inform people walking by that the Volvo Cars Press conference starts at 13.15. But hopefully not just inform but also interest them to attend. We don’t want an empty showroom.
And at 13.12 or something Mediatec, who does all the technical stuff, starts the Loop. This plays until everybody is ready. And then they start the countdown. The countdown is exactly what it sounds like. 1 minute long sequence that counts down to zero. And it’s supose to make everybody aware that the show is about to start.
Our theme we got from A+A. The show this year were about  R-design, drivE and the electric C30. We wanted it to feel like R-design and DrivE. Simple and colorful.
I took our 3D models of C30, S60 and the V60 and rendered  them in a quite simple way. The rest i did in after effects.
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