A little architectural visualisation project of mine. This is a planned apartment building in the Swedish mountains. Located in the middle of the slope. Ski in ski out concept.

Exterior and interior is all done in Luxology Modo and photoshop.
The client wanted the renders to show a warm and homie feel. All with a scandinavian design and with a touch of luxury. The interior design is done by Casa Interior. Well I got a moodboard as a starting point. After that I got some help but made it mostly by my self. And to be honest I got some ideas from my boss.
Some furniture’s were downloaded but most of them we modeled at Edithouse. I got a base model of the apartments so I didn’t have to measure everything up and modell from scratch.
I worked with this project in over 6 months. But I did other projects in-between. And I learned a lot on the way. I think it turned out pretty good.
For more information about the project it self visit www.klovsjopanorama.se
Client: Klövsjö Panorama
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