For Volvo Cars events through 2013 they wanted a graphic package that could work for every event. So at Edithouse we produced a generic package. We updated some text animations and text for the different shows but the main loop stayed the same.
The concept for the film was to use all of Volvo's messages as texts spread out on a wall. A wall that could be a real wall at the show. The small little letters flying around were the unic message that was presented during the loop. Stating when the press conference began.
We did all animation and scene setup in Cinema 4D. Utilizing Cinemas mograph and text generator for easy edits. Then exported to Maya with Alembic and rendered with Vray for Maya. Composit done in After Effects adding Optical Flares. I also did the editing in Premiere. Not often I get to do the editing. It was nice to have full control.
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