Volvo Trucks released 4 new trucks under 2013. The FM, FMX, FE and FL. To celebrate this and to show of there great new lineup they organised an event that allowed visitors to try out all the trucks. Edithouse produced some films shown at different stops to illustrate the updates. You can see some pictures and read more about the event in the "updates" section of the prosite.
They also needed some ambient loops and backgrounds to be on the screens while people walked in to the different rooms. We received some patterns used in prints and on the web and made a 3D version of them. Added some soft animation and compositing. The result are these three simple ambient animations.
A simple and clean look and calm motion.
(Blue: FM. Orange: FE/FL. Purple: FMX)
Produced by Edithouse Film Works 2013 for Volvo Trucks. Commissioned by A+A.
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